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MAORI RADIO CARBON DATING Radio Carbon dating of early skeleton remains found in New Zealand proves there were people living in New Zealand long before the Maori.

PUKEKO Many people don’t know that our “Pukeko” bird is indigenous to Spain and South America (where its called a “swamp hen”).PHOTOGRAPHS OF EARLY OAKS TREES IN NEW ZEALAND Above a photo of children sitting in the branches of a very large slow growing English Oak that was photographed at Waimate, New Zealand probably in the late 1800’s.This picture is found in the book: A large girth Oak, being measured by George Proudfoot Ewing in 1901, was one of the many very large Oaks to be found around Drury, South Auckland where the Ewings had their farm.Isn’t it amazing that anything “European” can be treated with this kind of contempt, as if its nothing but an “infestation” that needs to be eradicated so that “indigenous” purity isn’t tainted by this kind of noxious, foreign invader.Even if some of the smaller trees were planted by the first of the colonial immigrants, they’re still very significant trees to NZ history.It is the world’s third most widely distributed rat today found throughout the Asia/ Pacific area.

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