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It was, very obviously, transported here to New Zealand in remote antiquity, as it’s a semi-flightless bird and rarely flies more than 100-yards in one short hop. Holdaway of Palaecol Research, New Zealand, in the Journal Nature, Vol.It certainly has no ability or stamina to fly between continents over vast tracts of ocean. 384, 21st November 1996, reports of radio carbon dating bone from Native Rat (Kiore) from both North and South Islands of New Zealand dating back 2000 years.

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See: FOODS Staple food plants or other useful plants of Polynesia, originating from South America or Egypt and extending to New Zealand, include: kumara, karaka berry, the cotton plant, the bottle gourd, capsicum, banana, soapberry, tomato, papaya (pawpaw), pineapple, manioc, maize, potato (about 23 varieties), cabbage tree (Yucca), the Nile valley’s bulrush or catspaw (raupo) as well as taro (many varieties) from Egypt.

DOC’s ERADICATION PROGRAMME Unfortunately, in 2004-2005 the Department of Conservation, without rhyme, reason, consultation or anyone’s permission are reported to have cut down many old oaks around the Bay Of Islands.

Their excuse for this eco-terrorism was, “they are not indigenous to New Zealand”.

The data suggest that the Pacific/Native rat was established on both main islands of New Zealand nearly 2,000 years ago.

The rat is unlikely to have arrived without human assistance.

We know that Europeans lived in North Africa and migrating into Europe in about 5000 BC.

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