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At this stage, a Level 5 pupil who was a programmed teacher during the first semester, now assists the Level 3 pupils in doing peer-group learning.As in Levels 4 to 6, each member in the transition learning group has a copy of the peer-group learning module they are studying.Each of the peer-group learning modules also has accompanying Leader‘s Book to be used by the peergroup leader in leading the peer-group discussion. The Leader‘s Book contains the answer keys to the exercises in the peer-group learning modules. He is known, among otherthings, for signing a bill outlawing the Communist Party of the Philippines, the Filipino First Policy, The Austerity Program, andthe Bohlenâ??

In the case of Level 3 learners, the learning mode is called transition learning.These audio and video clips run for two to three minutes as supplement to the learning content in the learning modules.These are usually shown during Resource Teaching period in which the Resource Teacher in Science, English, and Math, upon proper determination, uses these materials to enhance the contents or lessons in the peer-group learning modules.The scores will not be recorded but used as indicator if the learner is ready to move to the next learning module.If the learner still fails to get the criterion set after the second re-take, he/she should be given remediation or tutoring by the RT or IS or Testing Teachers as the case may be.The results of the first post test taken should be recorded and used for computing grades.

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