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Indeed, metal was not used at first but it is clear the desire and skills necessary to create jewellery from different materials was already present.The mid-Bronze Age saw trade with Syria, Palestine and Egypt increase which in turn saw increased use of gold and silver along with the export of Cypriot copper.In 1998, in the southern outskirts of Larnaca, a necropolis was discovered that contained a particularly large amount of jewellery: 23 pieces of gold jewellery with inlaid semiprecious stones: 5 sets of earrings, all crescent-shaped with decoration in the form of boats or snakes forged from a single piece of cast gold; 3 rings made from solid gold with bezel seal inlaid with gem stones and faience.

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The centuries that followed saw Cypriot jewellery undergo Greek and Roman influence.There was one other important find in this tomb — an unusual necklace made up of 17 beads of various shapes and sizes as well as a pendant. Interestingly: the Egyptian influence can be clearly seen on some of the jewellery.Archaeologists are certain that some members of the Phoenician aristocracy, who also held a high position in the city of Kition, maybe even a family member of the ruler of the city, resided here.Most of the pieces were found in Engomi and near Salamina..The late Bronze Age saw Cyprus really prosper with an influx of precious stones and metals.The early Bronze Age was characterised by a limited use of metals: the earliest items discovered were copper earrings.

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