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My God saved me because I was chosen before the creation of this world. I had very strong demonic influences, however, hearing voices was never one of them. If it's just you, then why does it most often cut across the grain of your own desires? If you think that god or the devil are talking to you in your mind, you really need to lay off the PCP. Please believe it, and stop letting Satan off the hook. Although my family accuses me of just that, everytime I say God told me something.

So you think it is normal to imagine voices in your head? Or perhaps you have first-hand knowlege of the PCP of which you speak. Seriously though, you're imagining voices which is normal, but its not god. Most or all quote, quote, mental illnesses, is nothing more than the devil driving you up a wall, or worse, perhaps, causing you to hear voices. But anyways, I do not know about using God's name, I kinda doubt it.

We all know people who're not in their right mind (had...their minds blown). Satan can speak to you, and make you think it is of God, but the word says my sheep know my voice.This question is regarding the voices and /or advice I hear sometimes in my head. I ask You to release Holy Spirit Power on each head & fill them with perfect knowledge & understanding. "Lost in the Dregs", "An Ambient Perpetual La, La" or "Assumptive Miasmatical Dogmata" great thought provoking stuff! Have you ever thought you saw something at the corner of your eyes and when you turned no one was there?Can the devil pretend he is God by using God's name when speaking to you through your mind? I am not certain if the devil can pretend he is God by making promises. I have never had a problem with the promise thing which is coming from Satan.... however, in discernment if I am not sure, I ask God. Put the perfect Scripture in their minds to counter every fiery dart & give them dreams & visions to settle truth in their minds now. Have you ever thought someone tapped you on the shoulder and when you turned around no one was there?Christians many times, depending on their denominatin sometimes make more of him then he deserves.The faith on the breastplate of righteousness is what really puts satan in his place. The FUTURE aspect of salvation speaks of freedom from the presence of sin. The Apostle Paul wrote, "I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us" Romans .I read a book which describes the human spirit as the candle which the spirit of God communicates to man. Anything that contradicts the word of God is clearly from the devil.

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