Pearls before swine christian dating rules

Until you saturate your mind/ heart with the word you will not know who is speaking into your spirit. Ahhhh "---catherine on 8/15/10 I would encourage you to do what the Bible commands, since it may be a different spirit that guides you.1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. I didn't know what it was, I didn't understand, couldn't understand it. [came out from from nowhere it seems] The other day, finally, God speaks, and said to me "I am not in a very good mood, please bear with me. Keep asking for the Holy Spirit until you hear from Him. I will never be found guilty of pretending to be A okay for I know I am not. I've got news for you, when someone asked you, "how are you doing"? If the Lord thy God has not saved you, you are not fine. The devil can deceive you with vain promises as well. Job as an example, everything done was in the physical realm, the Lord pointed Job out to Satan, Job prayed out loud for his sons, Satan could hear it not read his mind, he could never read Job's heart or mind. Do not think or receive anything that is not from God.I always say if it does not match up to the word of God, I bin it and I don't recieve it into my spirit! No offense, but I think demons are more likely to give an anger, not God. When I was lost, for 55 years, my biggest demonic influence was worrying. Catherine: "One of mine [sic] spiritual dreams is this.... To show this world the whole world the wicked man or woman and what they are really like, and what they are really all about. The best thing is to discuss in prayer with God on ideas and communications that come to you in dreams or mind. If Satan could put thoughts in your head, and control you, you wouldn't be responsible for your actions. I have heard it said many times that our mind is the devil's playground, so beware.When I witness, I just give the Truth, I leave the changing to God. The faith to believe comes from Him, if we had that faith ourselves we would not ask God to touch the hearts of our loves one's to come to Christ. As you can see man's condition and so many more verses.We wouldn't need God to do anything and would wait for the person to exercise his faith. That is why the New Testament continues to warn us how to live our lives. Haven't you notice when you speak about God to a group how they jump up and leave? Yes, they have free will to do what they want but it won't be for God. Romans 8:7,8 For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God's law, indeed it cannot; and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.There's but one way to stop the devil's destruction: Ro. I do know God uses other people's voices to talk to sinners.My brother was going to do something wrong, (I understood but wrong), he heard our mom's voice (child of God) telling him don't.Join Our Christian Singles and Take The Demons Bible Quiz --- Catherine, I also applaud you for what you have been saying concerning your salvation and how you explained it. Since God can speak to His people in many ways, even in circumstances, He speaks. Give them real power to resist the devil so he flees from every one. 24/7 yes,the devil tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness through thoughts. Peter was not a devil he was a Christ disciple, but the devil tried to tempt Christ again through Peter by having Peter tell Jesus he was not going to die, when that was the very thing he came to do. If you are not a Christian, find out how to become one. Tissot ( I believe his christian name is William S. Have you ever thought you heard someone call out your name and when you turned around no one was there? The first two questions were probably muscle twitches, the third, a voice from the past.

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It is God doing the work and all we do is become the instrument for God.

Still, because, I am prone to Satan's attacks, I must stay in prayer. God, You said anything we ask, believing, we would receive. I bind every generational curse, every word curse, & every open door whether occultic, or sin, & I place them in Your hands Lord & You said anything I bind in earth is bound in Heaven.

I stand boldly before the Throne of God & demand the evil spirits attacking everyone on this blog to leave them now, in the name of Jesus.

The mind is not a playground, it is a battleground. If god was real and if he talked to you, you'd know it Satan, talks to unbelievers all day long. However, one time God gave me an order and Satan came right behind God and said God didn't mean that He meant so and so. The baptism of the Holy Spirit stops the devil from making inroads into your mind. 1John4:1 says try all spirit to know which one is speaking to you.

It is precisely here that the the forces of good and evil clash. [Adam and Eve] Satan is still up to his old tricks. The Spirit of God rises up in your spirit and He tells you to tell the devil to get behind you, shut up, and get out of your house, marriage, family. MMR I quite agree with the view that both God and devil are spirit. I also know that God knows my heart and what I'm thinking. Second, If you are talking about literaly "hearing voices" as opposed to having thoughts come to mind, this is not normal. There are some conditions that a person can have that can cause them to "hear voices" that need specific medical attention. If you know what the word of God says concerning a particular issue, you'd then be able to know which spirit is speaking to you, God or the devil.

My God saved me because I was chosen before the creation of this world. I had very strong demonic influences, however, hearing voices was never one of them. If it's just you, then why does it most often cut across the grain of your own desires? If you think that god or the devil are talking to you in your mind, you really need to lay off the PCP. Please believe it, and stop letting Satan off the hook. Although my family accuses me of just that, everytime I say God told me something.

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