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Three tiny species of frogs as small as a grape have been found hopping around the forests of Peru.Conservationists have spent more than five years surveying the Montane forests in the central region and have discovered a number of previously unknown species.The Humboldt's Rubber Frog, Pristimantis humboldti, found at a single site at 10,886 feet, is named after the German naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt.He travelled the New World between 17 and changed our understanding of the world.Although their home is protected, the creatures face threats from The Pui Pui Rubber Frog, Pristimantis puipui, was found at a single site near Laguna Sinchón, at the centre of the Pui Pui Protected Forest, around 12,762 feet above sea level.The species' name means 'eyes of water', a reference to the many lakes of the Forest.

The frog species bear the name of the Pui Pui park, the mountain-forest habitat in the park, and a renowned naturalist-explorer.They were discovered by scientists Dr Edgar Lehr from Illinois Wesleyan University and his colleagues.It raises the total to 95 new species that Dr Lehr and co-authors have found in Peru, Ecuador and Vietnam.Most of the frogs were discovered by searching through moss and grass and under rocks, small bushes and other vegetation.In some cases, the researchers found frogs after hearing the males calling during light afternoon or evening rains.The Hill Dweller Rubber Frog, Pristimantis bounides, was found at two sites at elevations of 10,991 feet and 11,362 feet.

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