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CSA 805.893.3434 Fairfield County HELP Greenwich Health at Greenwich Hospital 77 Layfayette Place Greenwich, CT 06830-5421 203.863.4444 Fairfield & Westchester County HELP c/o Health Gain Greenwich, CT 203.975.2451 e-mail: [email protected] HELP Manchester, CT 860.445.5863 (Annie) 860.6660075 (Susan) 860.651.6653 (Mark) e-mail: [email protected] HELP c/o Stratford Health Dept.1000 West Broad Street Stratford, CT 06497 203.385.4056 HELP of Washington P. Box 7571 Washington, DC 20044 301.369.1323 H2O of Washington DC 202.452.7655 Broward and Palm Beach HELP P. Box 77-1604 Coral Springs, FL 33077 954.896.9788 e-mail: [email protected] Florida HELP Herpes Support Group Orlando, FL 407.263.5347 Gainesville HELP c/o Planned Parenthood 914 N. 13th Street Gainesville, FL 32601 352.376.9000 Jacksonville HELP 877.221.7896 Email: [email protected] HELP P. Box 11073 Naples, FL 34101-1073 Tampa Bay HELP (2 Groups) Tampa Bay and Clearwater P. Box 5872 Tampa, FL 33675-5872 813.677.1633 Atlanta HELP P. Box 19673, Atlanta, GA 30325 404.294.6364 Boise Help c/o Planned Parenthood 6111 Clinton, Boise, ID 83704 208.376.9300 Chicago HELP P. Box 2351, Chicago IL 60690 312.810.8132 If it is a 'long-distance' call, please request the counselor to call you back!

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Custom compounded herbal remedies from whole plant botanicals, including an antiviral gel to help make safer sex even safer. Yoshi2me.com, dedicated to providing you with information about genital and oral herpes, support groups, social groups, dating sites, herpes stories, hpv, and other sexually transmitted diseases. I eventually told my mom about it, ashamed at myself for hiding it for so long.I learned that about 67 percent of people worldwide carry the virus, but only some have outbreaks like the ones I get.Also features The Social Support Networking Alliance, a listing of herpes and hpv support and social groups across the United States and around the world.The International Herpes Alliance, a global association of patient support organizations and health professionals concerned about genital herpes – information: regional support groups, educational materials, issues and events relating to genital herpes.I've eventually come to terms with carrying around the HSV-1 virus.

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