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In the following years I’ve since qualified for three more ABA regionals on Lake Kerr , Erie and Oneida .And though Rihanna and Brown's relationship would sporadically rekindle off and on for several more years, the night at Lucky Strike apparently featured a thunderbolt.A great artist."But was he actually just towing the party line?!I have been fishing tournaments at a club level since 2008 and I am still a proud member of the Golden Horseshoe Bass Anglers.Being involved with a bass club provides me with the opportunities to stay competitive as an angler, educate myself and others, and have fun on the water with a great group of individuals.November 2009 Bowling date aside, Rih says things are platonic.“Me and Drake, we’re friends,” she tells interviewer Angie Martinez, laughing off questions about their relationship (although do we detect a note of hesitation in her voice?

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