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Nonetheless, Roy — who received a copy of the conversation via an anonymous email — said she felt compelled to speak out, especially since the five individuals were in positions of leadership on campus."They should be held accountable for those actions.Actions have consequences and I think that this is certainly something that can't go unnoticed," said Roy, who heads the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa."Rape culture is very present on our campuses ...After learning of the letter, the board decided to shelve the motion introduced at the meeting, but Roy said she wasn't ready to drop the matter."It was kind of like getting a double whammy, you get put in a very difficult situation and to have these men try to take all power away from me by telling me that I need to be censored and that I can't take action," she said."This is also incredibly frustrating and I think speaks to the fact that rape culture does not get challenged enough."The one participant in the conversation who is not threatening legal action said the entire incident has been a huge learning experience."There was some conversation with some pretty violent, like, some pretty demeaning words," said Pat Marquis."I didn't say much in that conversation, but I didn't stop it either."Marquis was a vice-president in the student union until he resigned this weekend, reportedly after receiving hate mail and threats related to the conversation.XMPP is not inherently secure in itself, but it can be combined with other technologies to make it very secure while offering some features that Ricochet does not.

23 meeting of the student federation's Board of Administration, which oversees the affairs of the student union.However, this setup allows for messages to be carried even when users are not necessarily online.XMPP can be used with a variety of clients, and indeed combined with Tor and message encryption on a variety of clients as well.While Ricochet binaries are available from the Richochet homepage, the Tor version packaged with the messaging application is relatively outdated, with the last build from November 5, 2016.While the program itself is still known to be secure, the Tor version should be updated for maximum security.The letter — which identifies the four participants as Michel Fournier-Simard, Alexandre Giroux, Alexandre Larochelle and Robert-Marc Tremblay — threatened legal action against Roy if she did not "destroy" her copy of the online conversation and stop sharing it with others.

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