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Nursing was effectively created by that 19th-century feminist pioneer, Florence Nightingale. In her book Notes On Nursing, published in 1860, she wrote that ‘the greater part of nursing consists in preserving cleanliness’.

That wasn’t just because hygiene was essential for recovery and health.

Whether you're looking for a remote position to serve as your full-time job, or looking for something part-time so you can simply earn some extra cash, there are so many ways nurses can use their degree and skill sets to work from home.

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For during the Eighties, nursing underwent a revolution.One in five hospitals were found to be failing the elderly so badly that they were breaking the law.In hospitals where essential standards were not met, inspectors found that patients’ call bells had been placed out of reach or were not responded to quickly enough, or staff were talking to patients in a condescending or dismissive way.Under the influence of feminist thinking, its leaders decided that ‘caring’ was demeaning because it meant that nurses — who were overwhelmingly women — were treated like skivvies by doctors, who were mostly men.To achieve equality, therefore, nursing had to gain the same status as medicine.Patient Trainer: In this remote position, nurses will provide instructions to patients and caregivers regarding equipment use and care, test reporting, medical records, and more.

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