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Nurse Practitioner for House Calls: Employees will meet with patients, update records, evaluate patients, implement treatments, and more. Care Coordinator: Nurses will manage caseloads, conduct visits, complete paperwork and documentation, and more.

Nurse Consultant: Consultants will evaluate records and medical services, review quality of care, serve the care management team, and make recommendations among other tasks.

Site Manager: In this role, you will oversee clinical studies, train the team of personnel working on the study, collect data and information needed for regulatory documents, and more.

Not only was she addressed discourteously, there was also precious little attempt to ease her acute discomfort or attend to her basic needs.

In other words, the crisis in nursing is part of a far broader and deeper spiritual malaise.

Duty to others and respect for the innate humanity of every person have been eroded by the ‘me society’ of ruthless, self-centred individualism.

Despite the fact that she could barely move at all in her bed, she was not helped into more comfortable positions.

"Nursing, and healthcare overall, is typically one of the fastest growing career fields according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics," Flexjobs' senior career specialist Brie Reynolds tells Womans

Whether you're looking for a remote position to serve as your full-time job, or looking for something part-time so you can simply earn some extra cash, there are so many ways nurses can use their degree and skill sets to work from home.

Right now, there are tons of companies looking for experienced health care providers that are willing to work from home to review medical records, provide patient services and education services, consult for companies, and more.

Case Manager Specialist: Case managers develop care plans, coordinate care, make recommendations, educate patients, update records, and more.

Nurse Educator, Professor, or Faculty Member: You'll be responsible for instructing courses, developing curriculum, and engaging with students in nursing programs.

Bedbaths and feeding those who are helpless are tasks vital to the care of patients — but are now considered beneath the dignity of too many nurses.

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