Psion teklogix workabout pro updating scanner settings


Heavy usage with G2/G3/G4 units should consider 4400m Ah battery with expansion battery door. Workabout PRO generation G1: Numeric 7525S comes with standard door WA3009.For high capacity batteries (2350m Ah and more ) you need door WA3008.Besides any third party application can support your local language.

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Alphanumeric units 7527C and 7528L come with standard door WA3015-G2.Standard stylus can be ordered as spare part (WA6100).Besides there is a stylus kit attached to the outside of the unit (WA6310, for G2 units only).You cannot use battery 4400m Ah (WA3010) with G1 as there is no door for it.Workabout PRO generation G2/G3: Numeric units 7527S come with standard door WA3016-G2.Configure power management accordingly (WM: /Start/Settings/System tab - /Start/Settings//Control Panel/Display & /Power): suspend power settings, reduce backlight, keypad brightness. For start working with the unit you need at least two things: 1) a battery pack and 2) one of the mentioned charging options.

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