Qt widget not updating

Call this method when you want to reinitialize the history list.

You should use clear_history() method from Qt_widget_standard_toolbar or the clear() public slot from Qt_widget_history object. You should use the backward() and forward() methods of Qt_widget_history object, or the back() and forward() public slots from Qt_widget_standard_toolbar object.

Deprecated: This slots permit to walk into history. Locks the widget, keeping the widget from being refreshed.

If you lock the widget you should verify that you unlock it somewhere.

This permits Qt to optimize for more speed and less flicker than a call to repaint() does.

hello every one i am having a problem that i have a listview in my Qt creator program and values of list is changing after few seconds i have called a time is working fine as i can see my changing values of list but the problem is that the changing values seems to be visible when i minimize and the maximize the window or when i resize it. how can i view the the change in my list with out doing this resize or min max thing hope you people getting what i want to say kindly help me thanks alot When you resize a window it need to repaint the child windows.

So, you can force the repainting after changing these values.

When layouts in a UI are not behaving as expected or performance is poor, it can be helpful to have a mental model of the layout process in order to know where to start debugging.

For web browsers there are some good resources which provide a description of the process at different levels.

The function naming convention has changed for this member functions, to Qt convention.

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