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Nouah was born in Edo State to an Israeli father and a Yoruba mother who hails from Owo, Ondo State.He grew up in Surulere, Lagos, where he attended Atara Primary School and Community Grammar School and obtained a diploma at the University of Lagos, after which he pursued a career in acting.He's the father of murdered beauty queen Jon Benét Ramsey and she's the mother of missing Aruba teen Natalee Holloway.

He has been called “Lover-Boy” for his numerous roles in romantic film.

Nouah is married to Emelia Philips-Nouah with two sons and a daughter, named as Quincy Camil Nouah, Desiree Nouah.

Dave talks about the importance of discussing money before getting married.

When you have a conversation going, get (and give) a sense of what both of you think about saving long-term, investing, planning for retirement, and giving.

No two people are going to agree about everything—and that goes double for money.

Get to know more about who they're dating in 2017 below.

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