Referencing detailsview controls after updating

You use Edit Item Template to edit the contents of the current record, and you use Insert Item Template to add a new record.In addition to these templates, the control features the same set of templates offered by the Details View that is, Header Template, Footer Template, and the other templates listed in Table 11-5.You can refer to Table 11-1 through Table 11-6 for the complete list of properties and events supported by the Form View control.The output of the Form View control is exclusively based on templates.Second, the Form View lacks the command row that is, a sort of toolbar where available functions are grouped.The graphical layout of a Form View control is completely customizable using templates.In addition, you should be comfortable with all of the following: REAL WORLD: Mike Snell Not all applications require developers to write custom, abstracted data layers and reusable frameworks.

First, the Form View control has properties such as Item Template, Edit Item Template, and Insert Item Template that as we've seen thus far the Details View lacks entirely.

This aspect is no surprise, as the two controls serve as two sides of the same coin a record viewer control one with and one without templates.

Only the templates and related styles mark the difference between Form View and Details View.

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