Registration updating


Voter registration has a residency requirement and is used for jury assignments and other government tasks.

A person's current address is often registered for state-issued identification cards and driver licenses.

Aliens in the United States staying for more than thirty days are generally required to register with the Federal government pursuant to the Smith Act and carry proof of registration at all times; for permanent residents, the proof of registration comes in the form of a Permanent Residence Card ("Green card") while, for other aliens, this can be in the form of either an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or the I-94 card together with a valid passport.

Within the Europe Union a regulation for the European-wide census was agreed that allows for a register-based census that may use the continuously updated information from the national resident registers with a statistical correction drawn from a sample census performed at another magnitude of the census poll.

Until 2009, the legal requirements pertaining to resident registration were governed by state legislation, which differed in terms of the period allowed to register a change of address (immediately in RP; within 1 week in BW, BY, HH, HE, MV, NI, NW, SL, ST, TH; and within two weeks in BE, BB, HB, SH, and SN).

Each state was able to produce its own laws and regulations governing access to personal information in the register and the fees for providing a residency document ( for oneself or for a third person.

Each state has their own requirements for keeping documents up-to-date and may require persons moving into the state to obtain a driver's license from that state within a given period of time (generally 10–90 days). É por esta razão que utilizamos cookies de forma a melhorar os nossos sites, disponibilizar informações com base nos seus interesses e interagir com as redes sociais.Se concordar com estes termos, pode continuar a utilizar os nossos sites.It is still debated how much more information will be attached to the national identification number when the federal resident register is activated.Contrary to popular belief, there is no central administration of resident registration in Germany.Many companies and societies have registered for direct access to the resident register.

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