Registration updating


There is no requirement to notify change of address, which leads to the situation that the current address is often verified by showing bills relating to the current home.) has special legal ramifications, primarily involving tax.

Although Germany (similarly to Austria and Switzerland) has a strict registration system for centuries, there had been a strong opposition towards a single identification number.

The first register census was performed in 1981 in Denmark, joined later by other Nordic countries.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland intend to use a register-based census model for the EU Census scheduled for 2011.

Each state has their own requirements for keeping documents up-to-date and may require persons moving into the state to obtain a driver's license from that state within a given period of time (generally 10–90 days).

In some countries, residence information may be obtained indirectly from voter registers or registers of driver licenses.

Besides a formal resident registers or population registers, residence information needs to be disclosed in many situations, such as voter registration, passport application, and updated in relation to drivers licences, motor vehicle registration, and many other purposes.

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It is still debated how much more information will be attached to the national identification number when the federal resident register is activated.

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