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Around the same time, we have seen Rozay go out with a new woman, a girl by the name of Skraberry.

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His relationship with ex-fiancee Galore ended swiftly after an image of her hugging his MMG artist Meek Mill back when she was an exotic dancer went viral. He also dated actress Elise Neal, who during her stint on reality television show, Hollywood Divas, expressed her regrets about letting him slip through her fingers.Lauren attended the University Of Illinois and has worked with some of the BIGGEST BRANDS in the world.Ross has always had impeccable taste for the ladies."I'm not sure who courted who, but they've been texting back and forth and trying to make more time to see each other."Ross previously released a freestyle set to the tune of Kardashian's future brother-in-law Kanye West's "Bound 2." In the song, Ross mentions Kardashian."Gotta thing for Khloe / Lamar lost his feet," he raps."Scott Dis'nick, tell her check me in a week."Odom, the 34-year-old who is now playing in a Spanish ballclub, has made headlines in recent months for allegedly stepping out on his marriage to Kardashian and battling with a drug addiction.Foxy Brown has fallen for fellow rapper Rick Ross after the pair teamed up in the studio.

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