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In addition, the now well-documented list of the show's biggest defects remain stubbornly in place: warp-speed storytelling and the soul sucking semi-episodic structure continue to test the rapidly waning patience of the show's dwindling audience.

Having said that, it bears repeating that fans are a stubborn breed.

She has risen to the challenge admirably, infusing her lines with so much subtext that I consider any comparisons between Audrey & Lucy moot.) Finally, no less than the venerable but long-neglected Hughes family is bubbling again.

Kim (Kathryn Hays) is embroiled in Oakdale Now hijinks.

What will be Tom's (the awesome Scott Holmes) reaction when he learns of Margo's (the brilliant Ellen Dolan) staggering number of lies?

In addiiton, there have been an unusually strong number of scripts over the last several weeks.

Perhaps head writer Jean Passanante took an extended vacation to Buenos Aires.

Carly's (Maura West) depature to rehab has provided grist for the mill of the extended complications among the blended Snyder/Ciccone/Tenney-Cabot clans.The character who has most benefited from these changes is Paul, or as I call him, Paul 8.5.For the longest time I advocated that Paul move to "the dark side" after the character (and viewers) had been made crazy by inconsistent writing.We will praise shows, actors and performances we like, but we are quick to make our displeasure known when we feel things are not up to speed and falling apart.Once the latter narrative has been established it is very hard to turn the tide of opinion, even when a show starts to address its critics and make changes.Will Riley/Adam (Tom Degnan) go to jail for his past crimes?

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