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Two days after his notification, Contador asserted that “the origin of the Prohibited Substance must have been contaminated meat,” according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report.

The agency promptly debunked the defense, saying that among a “high percentage of probabilities,” that scenario was “unlikely.” Contador is not the only athlete to blame faulty meat for concerning samples.

It had been abandoned over 90km away, in Taylor’s Halt.In Britain, the Football Association deals with each positive finding for recreational drugs "on its individual merits".The confusion over the issue is mirrored in the findings of The Independent's drug survey.Asked whether competitors found to have taken recreational drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy or LSD should be stripped of their titles, opinion was split - 45 per cent said yes, 52 per cent no and three per cent didn't know.The case of Danny Harris, the former Olympic 400 metres hurdler, illustrates some of the anomalies in the stance of governing bodies towards recreational drugs.He famously contested the findings by suggesting he’d been around people smoking weed but hadn’t smoked it himself since the year before the Olympics (part of his strict prep regimen).

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