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I cracked a few jokes, I was interested in what the women were saying and made sure I came off as interesting myself.Believe it or not, I really seemed to have a good connection with many of the women. After a very fun and interesting night, speed dating was finally over. Instead of exchanging numbers with people you match with right there, the company makes all participants create online profiles.I know what you thinking because I thought it myself -- three minutes, that could be an eternity if things are going bad.It could also be a split second if things are growing well. Right off the bat when we started, I was in a great conversation with a beautiful and wonderful girl. If it's good you're saying to yourself, “I think they like me.Its rules are flexible, but it typically involves brief, timed conversations with a single partner about a single question.The “event” can run as short or long as needed, and is inexhaustible: Its applications are infinite.

The second rule is that you get three minutes for your “mini date.” After that, the bell rings and you're on to your next mini date.

And, introverts know that unstructured social situations can be paralyzing.

So we’re huge fans of speed dating, because it’s a protocol that’s structured and semi-serious without being too intimidating.

Classroom applications: We’ve used speed dating in our classrooms as a protocol for eliciting rapid feedback for student work.

We’ve also used it to build classroom culture by deepening relationships and building trust early in the school year.

Later that evening, it was finally the hour of truth.

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