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If all goes well, trillions of dollars will soon be made available to both pay off debt of the U. government and the private sector, as well as finance a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and turn the planet earth into the paradise it is meant to be, the sources say.This is now being talked about in public by Western leaders and reported on in the corporate media. https://com/2018/02/18/The earth alliance fighting to free humanity from Babylonian debt slavery is also winning on multiple fronts, with senior satanic cabalists dying, disappearing, or losing power at an accelerating pace.It said the athletes had asked CAS to rule before the start of the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea, on February 9.Russian state television has already said it will not broadcast the games in protest at the ban, while Putin has raised the prospect of boycotting the games entirely.Will the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian schisms be next to end? Anyway, now the Templars will be merging with the Knights of Malta, and this will “provide access for the Templars to the Vatican itself,” according to Andrew Heim, of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, the Templars.

It has also fined the ROC 15 million US dollars (£11.16million) to reimburse the costs of the various investigations into Russia's cheating and help set up the IOC's new independent testing authority.

Having fled to the United States in November 2015, Rodchenkov is now in witness protection and has been cooperating with investigations led by the IOC.

Before Tuesday's decision, his lawyer Jim Walden said he believed 'too much evidence has come out' for the IOC to impose the sanction many thought was most likely earlier this year, a large fine.

His spokesman Mr Peskov had earlier told a gathering of reporters that 'we need to put emotions aside' and 'make a serious analysis'before taking any steps.

He also said Russia 'still needs to answer some questions' from the IOC.

Samuel Schmid told journalists: 'The results are not based only on (whistleblower) Grigoory Rodchenkov's testimony.'There is scientific evidence, witness statements documents and correspondence.'The facts are that in Russia there was systemic manipulation of doping and the anti-doping system that also took place at Sochi 2014.'In the past week a raft of bans have been handed out to the country's 2014 medallists.

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