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Alfredo Di Stfano played at Real Madrid during the 1950s and 1960s which at that time was the most successful club in the world.

He led his team to five consecutive European Cup victories during the period of 1956-1960, scoring in each final.

He became most famous for his two goals against England in the quarter finals.

Thanks to Maradona Napoli won their only two Serie A Championships so far and won the UEFA Cup in 1989.He became eight times Spanish Championship winner and received the Ballon d'Or twice.Di Stfano was a forward but could play almost anywhere on the pitch, he could help defending and later setting up an attack or scoring goals. Di Stfano was born in Argentina but played also games for Colombia and Spain.Football has known many great players, this list is about the best football players ever.They are the players who mastered the game the best, became legends at their clubs, countries and all over the world.He won the World Cup in 1974 in his homeland as a captain of Germany.

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