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He comes across as compassionate, witty and genuine.

And at 58, he is more fit than people half, or even a third his age.

Pick up a kite from Target (or a less expensive one from the Dollar Store) and head out to Finlay Park!

Grab your bathing suit, towel, and snacks, and rent a jet ski for the day.

Making up a good percentage of the working population is the food and beverage industry, which is often stereotyped as Peter-Pan-ish and criticized for living by the “work hard, play harder” credo.

(Note: Everyone who contributed to this article agreed there were exceptions to this perception.) “I’m not interested in starting my night off at 12 a.m.,” Emerson Scott said. I just want to go out to dinner, have some wine, go home and watch a movie.” Scott is a widower of 17 years and relatively new to the island.

He’s an eligible bachelor with several attractive qualities.

“When it comes to dating here, I don’t really play well with others,” joked Fiona Fitzgerald. I can’t tell you how many times I meet a guy and he says, ‘You mean you don’t eat chicken? ’ and then I just have to laugh and say, ‘No, if it has eyes or parents, I don’t eat it.’” Fitzgerald has lived on the island off and on for 15 years.

In her 20s, she sailed through the local dating pool and married an islander.

Now divorced, she’s in her 30s and once again navigating through “bachelorette-dom.” But this time she’s dating not just as a single woman, but as a single mother who works fulltime and has high standards when it comes to finding companionship.

I ask her how she’s doing and then in an effort to empower her say, “You should start dating again,” to which she first laughs/chokes on her wine and then replies, “Date on Hilton Head? It sucks dating here.” Growing up on the island and having gone the fairytale route of marrying my favorite neighbors’ son (and subsequently also my parents’ best friends’ son), I am struck by her response. Eighty-five percent of the population is married, while 15 percent are single.

As it turns out, dating on Hilton Head Island, poses many challenges for many reasons.

That means that more or less 2,895 men and 3,015 women comprise the Hilton Head dating circuit.

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