Safety issues of carbon 14 dating


We welcome each university to organize a group of students to study course packages in the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia.Many course packages have a minimum and maximum class size, so we encourage you to register your students early.It includes testing, analysis, & computer modeling.Nowadays, new products (smart-home devices, portable electronics, cars, appliances) are getting more intelligent and more connected.This course provides an introduction to biological engineering, covering subjects that include introductions to microbiology, cell biology, and genetic engineering, bioprocessing for the production of biofuels, foods and pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, and recent advances in tissue engineering.Given these astounding technological advances, human beings are, as a species, faced with new ethical quandaries, and the ethics and social aspects of bioengineering are therefore also discussed.

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In this course, the basics of electricity and electrical circuits will be covered.

Do you ever wonder what technology lies behind them?

This course covers the fundamental ideas behind smart devices and modern electronics.

Please note: the deadline for registrations for the July - August, 2018 program is Friday, March 31, 2018.

Matter and energy are the building blocks of our universe.

This course will study these processes in detail, exploring fermentation, filtration, distillation and carbonation from the perspective of chemical engineering.

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