Sandra bullock aniston dating proposal wanted


Unfortunately, the rest of this ridiculous premise is just too difficult to buy.

Being the only son of two respectable parents, it's impossible to suspend your disbelief when Andrew's mom (Mary Steenburgen) and dad (Craig T.

Instead of embracing her typical girl-next-door persona this time around, Bullock is playing Margaret Tate, a younger and far less exciting version of Miranda Priestly from.

Much like Priestly, her employees fear her, her put-upon assistant Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) can't please her, no matter how hard he works, and her career in publishing ultimately consumes her otherwise lonely life.

11, Sandra Bullock's "The Proposal," that an A-list female-starrer enters the list.

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So she officially swore off the rom-coms that everyone loved and opted for three seriously hum-drum dramas instead. But after sitting through all 107 minutes of better material out there.For the title of "Editor" and a guarantee the novel he likes will be published, he agrees to Margaret's crazy plan (a woman he once likened to Satan) without much resistance.While the plan is perfect in theory, it's not long before the persnickety immigration officer (Denis O'Hare) must be convinced their relationship is real, so Andrew has the unenviable task of taking Margaret to Alaska to meet the parents.As a result, she's the one actress still commanding top dollar -- as much as million plus a percentage -- for her next two high-octane projects: the dramatic thrillers "Salt" and "The Tourist." Julia Roberts For the twisty romantic spy tale "Duplicity," Roberts commanded more than million -- but the movie came up short, grossing million domestically.To enable her passion project, "Eat, Pray, Love," she's taking a far lower salary, well below million.In fact, the film's only amusing moments actually belong to Reynolds.

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