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MJ Fresh Meat9pm, Channel 4 Glory of glories, we finally get to hear Kingsley's music tonight, as his girlfriend pressures him into trying out an open-mic night.Unfortunately, his sub-Radiohead stylings are undermined by a strange thing he insists on doing with his neck.Meanwhile, Oregon reveals a surprisingly tuneful aptitude and Kingsley invites her to join forces with him, despite her singer-songwritery warblings being at odds with his own morose style.Elsewhere, Josie keeps up the pretence of going to her seminars each day, though on-street sightings of her lead the house to the wrong conclusion.Julia Raeside Last Tango In Halifax9pm, BBC1 Last Tango in Halifax, with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi (BBC1).

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JW Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen9pm, BBC3 When Jackie Green was born, she had "a little birth defect" as she calls it, "like a mole, that needed to be fixed".

Cened manuale ### 14120459 manual On Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon creates a mashup of Donald Trump’s speech on Saturday at the Liberty University and a speech by Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon), from the film Legally Blonde.

The speeches by Trump and Woods, in the 2001 film, appear to use very similar lines Watch the full segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s You Tube Stephen Fry: Gadget Man8.30pm, Channel 4 While last year's rundown of Fry's top 100 gadgets had as much room for apple peelers as Apple i Phones, this new series focuses on gizmos aiming to shape the world of tomorrow.

First up, a look at how technology can help tackle the drudgery of the daily commute, from gadgets ending public transport tedium to new types of tiny electric vehicles designed to whisk you to work as briskly (and cheaply) as possible.

Plus, of course, the odd futuristic folly, such as a contraption best described as a Penny Farthing Nano. Mark Jones Four Born Every Second10.35pm, BBC1 Astonishing documentary from Bafta-winning director Brian Hill examining how where you live in the world will determine where you stand in the lottery of childbirth.

In this context, witnessing the preparation of calf's head surprise – "It's theatre on a plate! However, it's the flavours that really fascinate Gates.

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