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Furthermore, you have the option to apply privacy settings to your profile and personal information.

You do not have to chat with anyone that you do not want to chat with and you decide how much friends and non-friends are able to view.

You will find the Oasis Instant Messenger to be as user-friendly as other instant messaging systems because you can send offline messages and emoticons as well as see when your friend is writing a message to you.

The Oasis Instant Messenger is also supported with the latest versions of XMMP/Jabber messaging technology.

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The Oasis Active website is also secured with anti-fraud software to guarantee you immunity to online scams.Express Yourself With the option to upload over 30 photos of yourself, Oasis Active dating service gives you plenty of opportunity to show people not only how you look, but also what interests you and what you like to do for fun.Allowing people to see who you are and what kinds of things you enjoy will improve your matches that much more.The Oasis Instant Messenger lets you know when single friends are online and available to chat.Each member can also adjust their instant messaging status from online, busy, away, or invisible.Oasis Active online dating site respects and stands by your privacy and wants you to have nothing but a positive experience on their website.

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