Serial daters on online dating


Beyond creating confusion, aspirational verys put the other person in a just hang there, suggesting that you’re not that way, and/or don’t value that trait?

I might tell them more about me so they don’t have to rely on memory, or share my propensity for forgetting details.

They will leave you dumbfounded and sometimes heartbroken when you come to terms with the fact that you were an insignificant aspect in their lives, probably just the pick of the week.

The dating history of a person can tell you whether that person is a serial dater or not.

Serial dater Jed Ringer spent 9 years in the online dating game before finding the woman he loves.

In that time, he went on many dates that may have gone further—but for the woman saying or doing something relatively innocent that turned him off.

Chances are, they didn’t even realize they’d done anything off-putting, but since Jed noticed a trend, he decided to put together this guide.

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