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The show was so successful it spawned two spin off films and continues to draw in new fans and viewers even though it’s been off the air since 2004.

Starring Sarah Jessica Park, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, was a romantic comedy that followed four single, successful women living in New York City and told the story of their different relationships or experiences with men, or sometimes the lack there of.

Candice Bergen, Jon Bon Jovi, Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming, David Duchovny, Evan Handler, Dan Futterman, Willie Garson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nathan Lane, Donovan Leitch, Jason Lewis, Lucy Liu, Matthew Mc Conaughey, Anne Meara, Isaac Mizrahi, Bridget Moynahan, Frances Sternhagen, Justin Theroux, Blair Underwood, Vince Vaughn Sporting a new, grown-up hairstyle and clad in yet another gorgeous mortgage payment, a frantic Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) bursts from her front door at the beginning of the sixth and final season of Sex and the City.

She’s on her way to the New York Stock Exchange, where she is scheduled to ring the opening bell to mark the start of the trading day.

here's a cute story, I came home the other day, and he [the son] is with his girlfriend in my matrimonial bed, doing things that are illegal in Alabamba, sex acts, right, things that my wife won't do, ok? I don't regret the 18 years married to Nancy, I don't regret the 6 years where I had to give up counseling when she got sick or even the years when she was really sick, and I definitely don't regret missing the game ... When Miranda announces, ”I don’t invest anymore; it’s too volatile,” you know just how wiped out she feels.That said, ”To Market” provides the first assurance that ”Sex and the City” won’t end next year with a ”Days of Our Lives”-style multiple wedding.Her newspaper, the fictional New York Star, is going public.But the show’s devoted followers know that this plot gimmick is incidental. The real point of Carrie’s mad dash downtown is to allow her to wax poetic about the connections between love and the stock market.(Executive producer Michael Patrick King told EW to expect one nuptial. Maybe not.) This comes as no surprise; despite its glittery fantasy element, ”Sex and the City” has consistently and staunchly resisted indulging in female wish fulfillment.

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