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He had thought there was nobody in but his daughter and she had seen him before and so he was not concerned about her.

Well he did not think he should be, but little did he know how she really felt.

The 2.5 baths were completely new and one had a two person jet tub and the other had a shower with several different heads.

His daughter is 16 and has been helping in the office with some paper work and a gofer in general.

Then there was Jasmine, now she was a different one that is for sure.

He was standing in his boxers drying off with a towel when the girls walked in doing the office clean up.

Still her hormones are active and there are times when she is very hot for something.

She and Kate meet at a store and hit it off right away.

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Both girls were thinking what a sexy hunk of a man he was.

Tom was 38 in good shape and both girls just stared at him.

He did not know they were there until he had dried off and then slipped off the boxers and started to put on some dry shorts.

Jasmine has been coming to the office with Kate after school and actually hanging around for a couple of months now and she has been looking at Tom with more than general interest.

Last month Tom had come in soaked form a downpour he got caught in and without thinking had stripped in his office.

Jasmine is a tall girl with a slender body with nicely developing curves.

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