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They did not hear him and when he saw them he did not make a sound but just looked on.He was shocked at first but then his sex juices started to flow and he watched with interest as his daughter and her friend, both nearly naked, fingered each other’s pussy and tits till they both had orgasms.Then there was Jasmine, now she was a different one that is for sure.He was standing in his boxers drying off with a towel when the girls walked in doing the office clean up.It had made him a little excited and good thing he got his pants on because his cock had started to harden at the site to the two girls.Jasmine was taken now and all she could think about was Tom and his naked body.The 2.5 baths were completely new and one had a two person jet tub and the other had a shower with several different heads.

He did not know they were there until he had dried off and then slipped off the boxers and started to put on some dry shorts.Tom had a massive erection and had gone to back room to masturbate to the picture of the two girls in his head.He had looked at both girls differently ever since and he took special interest in Jasmine.Things were getting close as Tom on several occasions had managed to get very close to her in fact touching her body many times in many ways but all seemingly innocent.He had managed to touch her breasts and her cute ass and one time had his leg out tripping her and she ended up astraddle his leg rubbing her wet pussy on it.They have become best of friends and share everything and talk about everything including SEX.

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