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Among the men – and two women – busted by the group are a wrestling promoter, a high-school teacher and a registered sex offender.In several cases, the activists have gotten men fired after finding out where they work and sending the damning chat logs and pictures to their bosses.Last November, a 29-year-old Portland, Oregon, man was cruising the city's Yahoo chat room when he struck up a conversation with a 14-year-old girl using the handle "misspunkgirlie13." The conversation quickly turned to sex."i'm 29..

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I am someone with a problem and (am) finding help for it.

When it opened, he found himself face-to-face with two large men – one wielding a baseball bat and the other, a video camera.

They followed him back to his minivan, berating him for soliciting sex with a minor and filming his hasty retreat.

Increasingly, local police are relying on citizens to help them patrol the seedy underbelly of the Internet.

But police volunteers undergo extensive background checks and training on how to chat in a way that will build a criminal case against would-be pedophiles.

He said there have been similar cases where the information collected by his volunteers has been the sole evidence in a court case, but that the group doesn't publicize these victories."As we grow and a legal precedent is continued to be set in our favor, you will see countless prosecutions," said von Erck.

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