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Battaglia's undercover operatives arrested 27 men in 2003 who arranged to meet police decoys posing as children, a misdemeanor that carries a three-year prison sentence in California and requires those convicted to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.Although the men listed on the Perverted Justice website are mercilessly hectored by the group's supporters, few have been charged with a crime.

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In several cases, the activists have gotten men fired after finding out where they work and sending the damning chat logs and pictures to their bosses.

The group's volunteers pose as kids in chat rooms, and when an adult engages them in sexual banter, they publish the person's personal data on the site so the group's supporters can harass the adult by phone and e-mail.

The group says it's protecting children from sexual predators, but critics say its aggressive tactics seldom lead to convictions.

He e-mailed her a picture of his penis and a couple of pornographic video clips, then arranged to meet her at her apartment when her mother was out of town.

A few days later, he drove an hour to the girl's home and knocked on the door.

In February, 16 men showed up for such a sting in Missouri and 20 showed up in Detroit.

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