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All the way from “Probabilistic Reasoning for Assembly-Based 3D Modeling” by Siddhartha Chaudhuri et al.

at SIGGRAPH 2011 to “Modelaide: a computer graphics program for the evaluation of mathematical models” by Richard I. Probabilistic reasoning for assembly-based 3D modeling Locomotion skills for simulated quadrupeds Non-rigid dense correspondence with applications for image enhancement Mesh Flow: interactive visualization of mesh construction sequences Eulerian solid simulation with contact HDR-VDP-2: a calibrated visual metric for visibility and quality predictions in all luminance conditions Expression flow for 3D-aware face component transfer Data-driven elastic models for cloth: modeling and measurement Coherent noise for non-photorealistic rendering Solid simulation with oriented particles LR: compact connectivity representation for triangle meshes Efficient elasticity for character skinning with contact and collisions A versatile HDR video production system Texture-lobes for tree modelling Converting 3D furniture models to fabricatable parts and connectors Exploring photobios Example-based elastic materials Building volumetric appearance models of fabric using micro CT imaging Motion capture from body-mounted cameras Temporal light field reconstruction for rendering distribution effects Two-scale particle simulation Physics-inspired upsampling for cloth simulation in games Making burr puzzles from 3D models HOT: Hodge-optimized triangulations Local Laplacian filters: edge-aware image processing with a Laplacian pyramid Toward high-quality modal contact sound Over Coat: an implicit canvas for 3D painting Sensitive couture for interactive garment modeling and editing Perceptually based tone mapping for low-light conditions High-quality spatio-temporal rendering using semi-analytical visibility Blended intrinsic maps Scalable and coherent video resizing with per-frame optimization Realtime performance-based facial animation Make it home: automatic optimization of furniture arrangement Discrete element textures Sparse meshless models of complex deformable solids Video-based characters: creating new human performances from a multi-view video database A quantized-diffusion model for rendering translucent materials Example-based image color and tone style enhancement Differential domain analysis for non-uniform sampling Real-time Eulerian water simulation using a restricted tall cell grid Computational stereo camera system with programmable control loop Microgeometry capture using an elastomeric sensor A geometric study of v-style pop-ups: theories and algorithms Spin transformations of discrete surfaces Spark: modular, composable shaders for graphics hardware Characterizing structural relationships in scenes using graph kernels Articulated swimming creatures Domain transform for edge-aware image and video processing Switchable primaries using shiftable layers of color filter arrays Large-scale dynamic simulation of highly constrained strands A programmable system for artistic volumetric lighting Real-time large-deformation substructuring Glob Fit: consistently fitting primitives by discovering global relations Illumination decomposition for material recoloring with consistent interreflections Photo-inspired model-driven 3D object modeling A perceptual model for disparity Discrete Laplacians on general polygonal meshes Shadow Draw: real-time user guidance for freehand drawing Tonal stabilization of video Bounded biharmonic weights for real-time deformation Interactive furniture layout using interior design guidelines Interactive region-based linear 3D face models Color compatibility from large datasets Efficient maximal poisson-disk sampling Leveraging motion capture and 3D scanning for high-fidelity facial performance acquisition Pocket reflectometry Clipless dual-space bounds for faster stochastic rasterization Exploration of continuous variability in collections of 3D shapes Interactive and anisotropic geometry processing using the screened Poisson equation Filtering solid Gabor noise Animating fire with sound Layered 3D: tomographic image synthesis for attenuation-based light field and high dynamic range displays Circular arc structures High-quality passive facial performance capture using anchor frames Blue-noise point sampling using kernel density model Nonlinear revision control for images Guide shapes for high resolution naturalistic liquid simulation Digital micrography CATRA: interactive measuring and modeling of cataracts Depixelizing pixel art Physically-based real-time lens flare rendering Motion reconstruction using sparse accelerometer data Physically valid statistical models for human motion generation Image-guided weathering: A new approach applied to flow phenomena On the velocity of an implicit surface Progressive photon mapping: A probabilistic approach Antialiasing recovery Decoupled sampling for graphics pipelines Highlighted depth-of-field photography: Shining light on focus Composite control of physically simulated characters Global registration of dynamic range scans for articulated model reconstruction Space-time planning with parameterized locomotion controllers Edge-aware color appearance Interactive architectural modeling with procedural extrusions Frame-based elastic models An efficient scheme for curve and surface construction based on a set of interpolatory basis functions Metropolis procedural modeling The area perspective transform: A homogeneous transform for efficient in-volume queries Image and video upscaling from local self-examples Frequency analysis and sheared filtering for shadow light fields of complex occluders Interactive editing of massive imagery made simple: Turning Atlanta into Atlantis ANIMIAMI Animation Festival and Conference Art technology: the new frontier of creativity and innovation Coordination, collaboration and the impact of computer graphics Preparing for a lunar impact An interactive, multi-modal workspace for physically based sound Shape google: Geometric words and expressions for invariant shape retrieval Matting and compositing of transparent and refractive objects Contributing vertices-based Minkowski sum of a nonconvex--convex pair of polyhedra A nonsmooth Newton solver for capturing exact Coulomb friction in fiber assemblies Subspace video stabilization A comprehensive theory of volumetric radiance estimation using photon points and beams Spectral sampling of manifolds Accelerating spatially varying Gaussian filters Multi-feature matching of fresco fragments Computational highlight holography A practical appearance model for dynamic facial color Optimizing continuity in multiscale imagery Real-time collision culling of a million bodies on graphics processing units Consistent normal interpolation A hierarchical volumetric shadow algorithm for single scattering Axial-cones: modeling spherical catadioptric cameras for wide-angle light field rendering Piles of objects Combining global and local virtual lights for detailed glossy illumination Stable inverse dynamic curves Editing operations for irregular vertices in triangle meshes Fast parallel surface and solid voxelization on GPUs Free-flowing granular materials with two-way solid coupling Content-adaptive parallax barriers: optimizing dual-layer 3D displays using low-rank light field factorization Cone carving for surface reconstruction Stereoscopic 3D copy & paste Multi-resolution isotropic strain limiting Computer-generated residential building layouts Multi-phase fluid simulations using regional level sets Resizing by symmetry-summarization Anisotropic blue noise sampling Style-content separation by anisotropic part scales Light reallocation for high contrast projection using an analog micromirror array Analysis, reconstruction and manipulation using arterial snakes Circularly polarized spherical illumination reflectometry Metric-aware processing of spherical imagery Data-driven image color theme enhancement Volumetric modeling with diffusion surfaces Scalable fluid simulation using anisotropic turbulence particles Automatic generation of destination maps Parallel Poisson disk sampling with spectrum analysis on surfaces Data-driven suggestions for creativity support in 3D modeling Optical computing for fast light transport analysis Unbiased, adaptive stochastic sampling for rendering inhomogeneous participating media Automatic reconstruction of tree skeletal structures from point clouds Morphable crowds Movie Reshape: tracking and reshaping of humans in videos Diffusion maps for edge-aware image editing Animation wrinkling: augmenting coarse cloth simulations with realistic-looking wrinkles Video quality assessment for computer graphics applications Context-based search for 3D models Detail-preserving fully-Eulerian interface tracking framework Video-based reconstruction of animatable human characters A progressive error estimation framework for photon density estimation A comparative study of image retargeting Motion fields for interactive character locomotion Geodesic image and video editing Extrusion and revolution mapping A PML-based nonreflective boundary for free surface fluid animation ℓ1-Sparse reconstruction of sharp point set surfaces A new approach to remote visualization of large volume data Meet MK Haley Persistence of the wild flowers Animation and technology: a renegade approach Cross-media stories The flame algorithm and its open source culture Early memories & new perceptions envy Light: an interface for editing natural illumination Toward evaluating material design interface paradigms for novice users Smoothed local histogram filters Interactive on-surface signal deformation Vector solid textures Discrete scale axis representations for 3D geometry A deformation transformer for real-time cloth animation Triangle surfaces with discrete equivalence classes Panta Ray: fast ray-traced occlusion caching of massive scenes Physical reproduction of materials with specified subsurface scattering Optimal feedback control for character animation using an abstract model Unstructured video-based rendering: interactive exploration of casually captured videos Rep Finder: finding approximately repeated scene elements for image editing Geodesic patterns Ambient point clouds for view interpolation Learning 3D mesh segmentation and labeling 3D modeling with silhouettes A radiative transfer framework for rendering materials with anisotropic structure Matching fluid simulation elements to surface geometry and topology A simple geometric model for elastic deformations Fabricating spatially-varying subsurface scattering Nonlinear disparity mapping for stereoscopic 3D Dynamic video narratives Manifold bootstrapping for SVBRDF capture By-example synthesis of architectural textures K-set tilable surfaces Volume contact constraints at arbitrary resolution Street slide: browsing street level imagery Sampling-based contact-rich motion control Discrete viscous threads A wave-based anisotropic quadrangulation method Parameterizing subdivision surfaces Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work Apparent layer operations for the manipulation of deformable objects Apparent display resolution enhancement for moving images Generalized biped walking control Diffusion coded photography for extended depth of field A connection between partial symmetry and inverse procedural modeling Line space gathering for single scattering in large scenes A multiscale approach to mesh-based surface tension flows Unified simulation of elastic rods, shells, and solids A multi-layered display with water drops Video tapestries with continuous temporal zoom Learning behavior styles with inverse reinforcement learning Opti X: a general purpose ray tracing engine Spatial relationship preserving character motion adaptation A coaxial optical scanner for synchronous acquisition of 3D geometry and surface reflectance Synthesizing structured image hybrids Example-based wrinkle synthesis for clothing animation Structure-based ASCII art Paneling architectural freeform surfaces Reliefs as images Optimizing walking controllers for uncertain inputs and environments Non-local scan consolidation for 3D urban scenes Effects of global illumination approximations on material appearance Acquisition and analysis of bispectral bidirectional reflectance and reradiation distribution functions Subspace self-collision culling Image warps for artistic perspective manipulation Filament-based smoke with vortex shedding and variational reconnection Feature-aligned T-meshes Lp Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation and its applications Programmable motion effects Data-driven biped control Image deblurring using inertial measurement sensors Symmetry factored embedding and distance A multi-resolution approach to heat kernels on discrete surfaces Real-time lens blur effects and focus control Stable spaces for real-time clothing Camouflage images 2.5D cartoon models Terrain-adaptive bipedal locomotion control Video Mocap: modeling physically realistic human motion from monocular video sequences Smart Boxes for interactive urban reconstruction Popup: automatic paper architectures from 3D models Star-contours for efficient hierarchical self-collision detection Parametric reshaping of human bodies in images A novel algorithm for incompressible flow using only a coarse grid projection Feature-based locomotion controllers An artist friendly hair shading system The Frankencamera: an experimental platform for computational photography Micropolygon ray tracing with defocus and motion blur Example-based facial rigging Efficient yarn-based cloth with adaptive contact linearization Physics-inspired topology changes for thin fluid features Robust physics-based locomotion using low-dimensional planning High resolution passive facial performance capture Multi-class blue noise sampling Multi-scale image harmonization Interactive hair rendering under environment lighting Design and fabrication of materials with desired deformation behavior Dynamic local remeshing for elastoplastic simulation A practical simulation of dispersed bubble flow High-quality single-shot capture of facial geometry Simulating virtual environments within virtual environments as the basis for a psychophysics of presence Controllable conformal maps for shape deformation and interpolation Gesture controllers Rigid-body fracture sound with precomputed soundbanks Seeing is believing: body motion dominates in multisensory conversations NETRA: interactive display for estimating refractive errors and focal range A synthetic-vision based steering approach for crowd simulation Precomputed wave simulation for real-time sound propagation of dynamic sources in complex scenes Motion-based video retargeting with optimized crop-and-warp Reducing shading on GPUs using quad-fragment merging Dinus: Double insertion, nonuniform, stationary subdivision surfaces Character animation in two-player adversarial games Biharmonic distance Underwater cloth simulation with fractional derivatives Sounding liquids: Automatic sound synthesis from fluid simulation Cache-oblivious ray reordering Computational rephotography Coded aperture projection Programmable rendering of line drawing from 3D scenes Using blur to affect perceived distance and size Acknowledgment - [email protected] project attribution Modeling and rendering of impossible figures Temporal upsampling of performance geometry using photometric alignment Personal photo enhancement using example images An efficient multigrid method for the simulation of high-resolution elastic solids Mesh colors Feature-preserving triangular geometry images for level-of-detail representation of static and skinned meshes Distributed gradient-domain processing of planar and spherical images Gradient Shop: A gradient-domain optimization framework for image and video filtering Using an internet based process to assess student art skills Ending the tradeoff of time vs.

Perception of crowd variety Towards passive 6D reflectance field displays Animating oscillatory motion with overlap: wiggly splines A mass spring model for hair simulation Perception of complex aggregates Hair photobooth: geometric and photometric acquisition of real hairstyles Animating developable surfaces using nonconforming elements A perception-based color space for illumination-invariant image processing Upright orientation of man-made objects High-quality motion deblurring from a single image Efficient multiple scattering in hair using spherical harmonics Wavelet turbulence for fluid simulation Display adaptive tone mapping Green Coordinates Two-way coupling of fluids to rigid and deformable solids and shells Interactive simulation of stylized human locomotion Performance capture from sparse multi-view video 3D-modeling by ortho-image generation from image sequences Backward steps in rigid body simulation Discrete elastic rods Conformal equivalence of triangle meshes Dr.

Robert Cailliau, co-developer of the WWW: part two Computing geometry-aware handle and tunnel loops in 3D models Articulated mesh animation from multi-view silhouettes Fast modal sounds with scalable frequency-domain synthesis Freeform surfaces from single curved panels Dr.

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