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I wasn’t hiding it from my wife either, quite the contrary.

I decided not to think about that and instead concentrate on what might be happening at home.

But at the same time I was feeling terrible about the afternoon’s events.

I worked out fairly quickly that it wasn’t a mistake that was being hidden but a deliberate attempt at theft.

Besides, it probably wouldn’t be ideal for my career when all the big wigs will be in today for the audit.

So I went about my duties for the day and tried not to be too bored. First, they tend to audit the ones that they don’t think they’re going to have problems with first.

If I had known how deep we were going to get into this I might have given it a bit more thought. I really didn’t want to go to work and seriously thought about calling in sick but then I remembered we were supposed to be having an audit today and that meant all hands on deck. I was greeted with the usual array of inane bullshit that everyone seems to get when they get to work, as though these people who you barely know much less like pretend to give a shit about you.

It did however bring a smile to my face when I was asked what I got up to last night.

I was a little nervous about it but I wasn’t scared.

I pulled into the driveway, grateful I wasn’t pulled over for a breathalyzer.

I got out of the car and was surprised to find that I was a bit nervous. ” She gave me a nervous smile and handed me a piece of paper. The reason is that I am out attending to your dare.

Once we had finished with the debriefing meeting, telling us what we already knew, I finally got to go to my office. This means that they get to concentrate on the morons and thieves with as much time as they can.

Being pretty well organized meant they spent less time messing me around and less lectures on your work practices.

Second, being audited first meant that I could spend the rest of the day doing the bare minimum of work as the bosses would be concentrating on the problems and they’d be to busy kissing ass to be bothered following up what I was doing.

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