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They say three’s a crowd but when everyone gets involved in the hot action—three seems a lot more like company. Gorgeous brunette Whitney Wright gets stranded by her ride in the middle of nowhere during the worse storm.

She franticly is able to make here way to Charles Dera's doorstep.

But she has no idea what perfect storm she has gotten herself into.

When she passes out in his foyer, Whitney Wright wakes up to find she shackled in chains as Charles Dera is there to treat her for sexual affliction.

As Anna completes her letter, we get to see more of the action.

We watch her spank Ayza’s ass and thighs and stroke her shaved pussy, even laying playful slaps upon it.

Dressed in ridiculously tiny denim hotpants and a tank top, Francys bends over and shows that they barely cover her pussy lips.

They would be perfect for a trip to the beach but today, Francys has other ideas.

He grabs the bulge in his pants and walks towards the house. Once he gets her car started she invites him back to her place for some thank you payment. The tall coed peels off her bra and panties, then slides her hands all over her fair skin.She checks herself in the mirror and adjusts her pencil skirt and blouse ...before walking out onto the lawn and staking an 'OPEN HOUSE' sign into the ground.She is playful enough to undress and start masturbating outside the privacy of her own bedroom.Slowly teasing, the babe takes off all her clothes piece by piece.Ayza – cute, with raven-black hair and full lips – has been away on vacation for a week, and Anna is missing her and thinking about the last night they spent together.

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