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I gathered all of the new clothes that I’d found and started towards the fitting room. I qualified for the gift card and it was given to me. The cashier said it had never been activated and would not honor it.One of the ladies was there and she groaned and yelled at me to “make sure you bring out all the clothes and hangers when you’re done”, so again, I ignored the rudeness and just continued on to the dressing room that I had spotted as she walked away. I went to Guest Services and was told that I had already used it apparently, and I was asked to leave the store.He told me that the Nintendo games weren’t included in the sale.Evidently Target doesn’t know the meaning of the word ALL.

Today, Target is the 2nd largest discount retailer in the US with nearly 1800 locations.

She didn’t look at the clothes to make sure I didn’t have too many or assign me a dressing room. I called corporate and was told I had better talk to the store manager and produce a receipt for the gift card. But Target needs good customers like me, and they have lost me!

She just yelled at me to bring all the clothes and hangers out when I was done. The store manager treated me like a criminal, and I will not go back to that store. But Target lied to me when they gave me a worthless gift card, and they have cheated me out of a promotion. Reply Hi, I would like to stand in solidarity with Patricia, we had similar experiences!

Finally, I was done and excited about the cute clothes I had found, and I was satisfied that I had everything I wanted and needed to start my new career. Me: Why can you not use a Target gift card online to purchase a Disney gift card but it can be done in the store? I have pretty much decided that Target team members get their training in North Korea 🙂 I have shopped at our neighborhood store for 16 years and am always walking thru our ‘hood carrying my big, red Target bags with the target symbol on them. Not only because of the atmosphere you create in each one of your stores, but also because of what you guys stand for as a company!

I placed items that didn’t fit back on their hangers and carried them out, and as I exited the dressing room one of the ladies must have thought that I was her co-worker and with her back to me she said, “well, is it a disaster in there or what? At that point I had reached my limit and I was so angry and upset that I just threw all the clothes on the cart and left. Partly because I don’t want to get run over and partly, because I like Target and it’s cool free advertising. Ever since the transgender bathroom issue I have started going to Target more to help support you guys. Reply Was excited to order one of your Black Friday deals on a new LG Microwave.

i went this year, you sold another hooverboard no warranty. I now want to consume some and was surprised to find that the best before date is “20 Sept 2017”. 15, 2017 and the receipt number is REC#2-7288-1962-0075-0101–2, VCD#759-284-945. Stockers offered to help but if they don’t have stock out for me to purchase I can’t buy it! Plastic molded animals to add to our outdoor nativity scene.

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