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State wildlife managers have to balance these requests with the potential outcomes and pressure on herds as well as on hunter crowding.

Muzzleloaders are asking for more units open to elk hunting in their early hunt, which starts the first week of October.

8 Deer Area 4 Either-Sex Bucks Only Archery (Either-sex, unless a Bucks Only firearms season is in progress) Oct. Inside the Digest, you will find hunting seasons, license information, fishing creel limits and much more. To see a DRAFT of the 2017-18 Hunting and Fishing Seasons, Bag Limits & Creel Limits as approved by the Conservation Advisory Board Meeting on March 4, 2017, click . DEER SEASONSDeer Season Zones and Dates: ANTLERED DEER: Statewide- one a day; (3)three during the season.

For hard copies of the digest, check with your local hunting and fishing license agent, or click the image below to view online.

a Special youth hunting season open to hunters under 16 years of age (must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old who is not hunting). (exceptions may apply for selected areas with one deer per day limit on National Forest Service Lands). Main beam tip shall be counted as a point regardless of length.

b Daily Bag Limit: 7 ducks, to include not more than 2 hen mallard, 2 pintail, 3 scaup, 2 canvasback, and 2 redhead statewide; and to include not more than 1 harlequin, 2 scoter, 2 long-tailed duck, & 2 goldeneye in western Washington. SPECIAL YOUTH (under 16) DEER HUNTING: Statewide, includes all Privately Owned and Leased Lands and Open-Permit - Public Lands (except Wildlife Management Areas). 10 Unantlered Deer (Privately Owned or Leased Land Only) Zones A and B: Jan. 10 Privately Owned or Leased Land and National Forest Service Land – Stalk Hunting Only, No Dogs Zones A, B, and C: Nov. 18 Stalk Hunting Only, No Dogs Zones A and C, Either Sex: Oct. Barbour County Antler Restriction: bucks must have a minimum of three points on one side (except on the statewide special youth deer hunting data).

Possession limit (Regular Season): 21 ducks, to include not more than 6 hen mallard, 6 pintail, 9 scaup, 6 canvasback, and 6 redhead statewide; and to include not more than 1 harlequin, 6 scoter, 6 long-tailed duck, and 6 goldeneye in western Washington. c Daily bag and possession limits: to include Canada geese only. NORTH ZONE (All counties except those listed below in south zone.)Split Season with Shooting Hours Fall Season (Decoys not permitted)November 19- November 30December 17- January 1Spring Season (Decoys permitted)March 15- April 30April 1- April 30April 22- April 26November 5 - February 28September 15 - March 5September 15 - March 5No Closed Season No Closed Season No Closed Season Dogs Cannot be used to hunt during and in areas of spring turkey season. (exceptions may apply for selected areas with one deer per day limit on National Forest Service Lands).f In Goose Management Area 2, legal hunting hours for geese are 30 minutes after the start of the official waterfowl hunting hours to 30 minutes before the end of official waterfowl hunting hours. g Daily bag limit: 4 geese, except for dusky Canada geese. Feral Swine: upon capture, it shall be unlawful to release any live feral swine. Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale (west of US Hwy 43), Lawrence (south of AL Hwy 24), Limestone (north of US Hwy 72), Madison, and Winston.Possession limit: 12 geese, except for dusky Canada geese. A dusky Canada goose is defined as a dark breasted (Munsell 10 YR, 5 or less) Canada goose with a culmen (bill) length of 40-50 mm. See regulation 220-2-.86Bobcat and Fox: Trapping is limited to legal fur bearer season by licensed fur catchers only. Cullman (north of Lewis Smith Lake and north of Cullman County Road 437 and west of I-65), Lawrence (north of AL Hwy 24), Lauderdale (east of US Hwy 43), and Morgan Special Waterfowl Seasons Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days November 19, 2016 & February 4, 2017 Same shooting hours, bag limits, and legal arms and ammunition apply as the regular waterfowl season, in accordance with Rule 220-2-.119 November 5 – February 28 No Closed Season During dates and in areas open by regulation to gun deer season, including youth deer season and muzzleloader deer season, all persons hunting any wildlife species, except foxes, raccoons, and opossums during legal nighttime hours or turkey or migratory birds (including crows). Proposals, backed by limited science, suggest that it’s time to back of the four-bird daily limit and perhaps open the season later so hunters don’t take such a large percentage of females and young grouse of the year. For information on hunting seasons and bag limits, check out our latest Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest. Forest grouse limits: Numbers of dusky, spruce and ruffed grouse seem to be declining.More important rules to deer hunt by include: Waterfowl hunting (for geese, ducks and snipe) commences across the state on Saturday as well with some species restrictions and daily bag limitations varying for both ducks (by species and gender) and geese (by goose management area). by on Oct 19, 2016 • Comments Closed State wildlife managers are asking hunters, anglers, campers and others planning to spend time in the Cascade Mountains this fall to report any elk they encounter and pay close attention to see if any walk with a limp.

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