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• D-Day 70th anniversary coverage in full • Veterans recall their roles in the D-Day landings • In Pictures: D-Day 70th anniversary • 10 things you didn't know about D-Day • D-Day landscapes then and now 23.59 By the end of D-Day, 159,000 Allied troops, marines, airmen and naval personnel ashore have successfully established four sizeable beachheads.

The invasion front remains vulnerable to German counter-attack, and there will be terrible fighting ahead, but a crucial step has been taken towards liberating Europe.

He takes all but five of the occupants of the first pillbox prisoner and then captures 26 prisoners from the second. Later he leads an attack on an enemy position containing a field gun and Spandau machine guns; then after withdrawing returns to fetch two men left behind.

He will be the only winner of a Victoria Cross on D-Day.

21.20 Operation Mallard has begun: 250 gliders escorted by RAF fighters bring reinforcements and equipments for the 6th British Airborne Division.

The concrete-reinforced stronghold has been the headquarters for the 736rd Regiment Grenadiers.

19.00 Across Fleet Street, editors are preparing their front pages.

The German 916th Grenadier Regiment led by Col Goth counter-attacks but unsuccessfully.

14.35 Colonel von Oppeln-Bronikowski, leading the 22nd Panzer Regiment, has passed Caen and is urged by Gen Marks, commander of the 84th Corps, to press on to the beaches: The fate of Germany... 14.20 Périers, south of Sword beach, is liberated by the Staffordshire Yeomanry.

20.55 Arromanches is captured; this will be key to installing the Mulberry harbours.

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