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Many of the connections seem to be the sorts of interactions with mobsters that were inevitable for a guy in the construction and casino businesses at the time.

For example, organized crime controlled the 1980s New York City concrete business, so that anyone building in the city likely brushed up against it.

In 2012, he won a million suit against a former contestant who claimed the contest was rigged.

” Several former teen pageant contestants said Trump walked in on them while they were naked or partially dressed. In the sexual-assault cases, Trump faces the difficulty that he in some cases bragged openly about just the behavior of which he has accused—whether grabbing or forcibly kissing.

That seems unlikely, since a spokeswoman dismissed the suit immediately.

It’s unusual for a president to be in such a legal situation—though not entirely unprecedented.

In the end, however, the Trumps settled with the government, promising not to discriminate and submitting to regular review by the New York Urban League—though crucially not admitting guilt.

The The dirt: Trump has been linked to the mafia many times over the years, with varying degrees of closeness.

In the suit, they also alleged that Trump had kept black women out of the pageant.

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