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“[Mallee’s] getting me back to how I felt in 2016 with that same swing, those same mechanics,” Cozens said.

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1-seed, the Holy Grail of NCAA upsets, but we've seen a fair share of incredible first round knockoffs and Cinderella runs deep into the tournament by teams we never expected (remember George Mason? That middling ranking didn’t stop them from putting together an impressive run, knocking off top-seeded De Paul in the second round (77-72) before defeating Ohio State (72-68) and Clemson (85-74) to reach the Final Four.

The Wildcats escaped their first three rounds by a combined margin of nine points, while top-seeded Georgetown dominated, winning by double digits in four out of five of their tournament games leading up to the final, finishing with their Final Four win over St. The keys to Nova’s 66-64 win came from their stellar shooting performance—79 percent from the field—as well as an incredible outing by center Ed Pinckney, who was able to outscore (16-14) and out-rebound (6-5) the great Hoyas center, Patrick Ewing, another eventual Hall of Famer/Dream Team member.

To this day the 1985 Villanova team remains the lowest-seeded team to ever win the tourney.

“I don’t think we have another piece like Quinny on our roster,” manager Gabe Kapler said.

“He gives us a lot of versatility, a very dynamic, athletic presence, a good all-around athlete.

He throws with his right arm, and a similar injury to a ligament in that elbow would have required surgery, instead of merely the platelet-rich-plasma injections he receives to treat his left.

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