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On October 13, 1945, Lydia Thompson’s headless body was discovered in a marsh near Pontiac, Michigan, by some mushroom pickers.She had been tortured and stabbed with an ice pick.While he normally kept it in his office, the gun disappeared with him.After almost one month of searching, Widlak’s decomposed body was found floating in a lake 6 kilometers (4 mi) away from his bank.He was seen waiting at the door for 26 seconds and then walking out by himself.

Dating back to 1887, the earliest encounter supposedly occurred when a group of lumberjacks in Wexford County chased the Dogman into a hollow log.The mystery of union big shot Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is arguably one of the most famous in the US.Numerous places in Michigan and other states have been searched for his body.But a large black dog with blue eyes refused to leave.In fact, the dog rose on its hind legs and gave Fortney an intimidating stare.While fishing in a river near Paris, Michigan, Fortney saw a pack of wild dogs emerge from the woods.

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