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“If you ever approach her,” he told the governor, “I’ll kill you.” Not even seeing fit to deny the incident, Bill Clinton sheepishly apologized and duly promised never to bother her again.[iii] Note: Bill Clinton is alleged to have bitten the victim who described her ordeal to Roger Morris. “One of my female stewards claims she was approached and touched inappropriately by President Clinton and she’s upset.” I knew the woman Mark was referring to, and I liked her. She was also an enlisted member of the United States Air Force — and had just, apparently, been sexually molested by the commander in chief. ” “In one of the galleys on Air Force One on a recent trip.According to Juanita Broaddrick, while Clinton assaulted her in 1978 he savagely bit, tore and bloodied her upper lip. She hesitated, and she said softly and with apparent discomfort, “I think he finished the job himself.”[v]“Buzz, we have a problem,” he [Lt. Apparently, he cornered her.” “Is she going to come forward? ” “She’s really upset but she doesn’t want this to get out.Just a mere year ago, despite knowing 13 women had gone on record with claims that Cosby had abused them, the executives at NBC were on the verge of giving the then-77 year-old comedian yet another TV sitcom.

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