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Aired on 8-9p ET • John Kelly Reassures Staffers There Isn't Going to be a Big Shake-Up Today; President's Legal Team Filed to Move the Lawsuit Against Their Client by Porn Star Stormy Daniels to Federal Court; Christiane Amanpour Looks at Sex and Love Around the World; Attorney General Sessions Fires Mc Cabe. Aired on 8-9p ET • New Connections Between Stormy Daniels And Trump Organization Revealed; After Campaigning Against Him, President Trump Embraces Democrat "Lamb the Sham;" Former Intel Chief on Intel Doubters; At Nationwide Walkouts, Students Demand Gun Control; E-mails Show Carson and His Wife Chose K Dining Set for Office.Aired 9-10p ET • John Kelly Reassuring Staffers Who Fear more Firings; President's Legal Team Tries to Change Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Venue; Melania Trump Keeps Her Silence Amid Stormy Daniels Controversy; President's Legal Team Tries To Change Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Venue; Will Mc Cabe Get Fired In The Next 48 Hours? Aired on 8-9p ET • President Trump Signals Wider Senior Staff Shake-Up Soon; Pennsylvania Congressional Race Leaves GOP Dems Asking What's Next in Washington; Session Considering Whether to Fire Mc Cabe; New Connections Between Stormy Daniels and Trump Organization Revealed.

; Mixed Messages On Syria; Pentagon Talks About Sending Dozens More Troops to Northern Syria, In Direct Contrast To What The President Said A Few Days Ago; Will There Be A Putin-Trump Summit Meeting?

Aired on 8-9p ET • Special Counsel Mueller is Stopping Questioning Wealthy Russians about Possible Illegal Donations to Trump Campaign; Trump Administration Sending National Guard to Border with Mexico; President Trump Playing to His Base on Multiple Fronts; CNN Uncovers Audio of Roger Stone Warning about Wiki Leaks Info "Devastating" to Clinton; Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Aired 9-10p ET • The President Speaks, The White House Cleans Up; Special Counsel Mueller Stopping, Questioning Wealthy Russians About Possible Illegal Donations to Trump Campaign. ; EPA Chief Under Scrutiny As He Delivers On President's Agenda; What Mueller Told The President's Lawyers About His Legal Status.

Aired 9-10p ET • CNN: White House Aides Puzzled By President Trump Saying U. Will Exit Syria; The President's Shrinking Circle; Mueller Pushed for Rick Gates' Help on Collusion; Did Cambridge Analytica Use Military Strategies to War Culture War on Unsuspecting Americans; Independent Autopsy: Stephon Clark Shot 8 Times in Back; Trump Stuns Own Administration with Plans to Exit Syria.

Aired 8-9p ET • President Trump Ordered A Freeze On Some 0 Million Worth Of Assets That Were Dedicated Toward Syrian Recovery; Dr.

Aired 9-10p ET • Standing By for Votes in Key Special Election; Sources: Trump Considering Wider Shake-Up Among Senior Staff.

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