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If only to show her that I was not a total looser who could not afford basic travel costs. But I could drive, it meant we would have to stay overnight somewhere.

Since Wendy was going to be flying back on company expenses, it meant I just had to pay for mother in law and me.

When I came back Helen was still at the counter, seemed to be arguing with the clerk.

I got close enough to hear and heard Helen say, “The sign says vacancies! ” Apparently only one room was available, Helen was not happy. ” The clerk said, “Yes.” I looked at Helen and she was not happy.

She said that the company would pick up the medical bill and also pay for her to fly back home when she was ready.

I did not really get on well with Helen; she always thought of me as a looser and did not want her daughter Wendy marring me.

It was a cold evening and it felt even colder in the car with Helen.

Then as the nights silence grew, a knocking sound on the wall.

” Helen threw her handbag over onto a very stark rickety chair and said, “Stupid git, he said there were twin beds in here.” I had not noticed, I looked around and only one single bed was in the room, and even for a single bed it looked small.

Helen brushed past me and rushed out through the door which I had not had a chance to shut.

I said, “Okay, I’ll phone into work and let them know.

If you get ready I’ll pick you up in an hour.” Helen asked, “Do you think you can get the flights? I’ll try and book a place to stay for us on the way there and back.” It was around six, so I picked Helen up an hour later and we headed off. ” I said, “No, I could not get any rooms in hotels. Helen came back and I said, “They don’t have anything we’ll have to move on.” Helen went up to the desk and said, “You must have a couple of room’s.

I knew where she went; to complain to the clerk, but I thought it would be futile as the clerk had turned the light off in the reception area. Five minutes later she returned and said, “Idiots not there, there’s no one there.” I said, “Don’t worry; I’ll sleep on the floor.” She said nothing and started to go through her bag, she then went into the bathroom. Then looked around to see what I could put on the floor to make my bed while I waited.

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