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I although could not afford to, but thought I should go and be with my wife.I said to Helen, “No it’s fine, I should go.” Helen said, “I want to be with her, we’ll both go.” I rang my wife Wendy to see how she was.When I came back Helen was still at the counter, seemed to be arguing with the clerk.I got close enough to hear and heard Helen say, “The sign says vacancies! ” Apparently only one room was available, Helen was not happy. ” The clerk said, “Yes.” I looked at Helen and she was not happy.I said to Helen, “We’ll move on to the next one.” She looked back to the clerk and asked, “Is it clean?” The clerk said, “It’s clean to sleep in, what more do you want.” Helen shook her head and looked crossly at me, then back at the clerk and asked, “It’s got twin beds?Another motel and Helen said, “Stop here, they have something.” I was not asleep or blind, I did see the sign and I was going to pull in.

If you get ready I’ll pick you up in an hour.” Helen asked, “Do you think you can get the flights? I’ll try and book a place to stay for us on the way there and back.” It was around six, so I picked Helen up an hour later and we headed off. ” I said, “No, I could not get any rooms in hotels. Helen came back and I said, “They don’t have anything we’ll have to move on.” Helen went up to the desk and said, “You must have a couple of room’s.

When packing, I did not think I would need anything as I thought I would be in a separate room.

Then as the nights silence grew, a knocking sound on the wall.

The phone rang; I answered it, “Hello.” It was my mother in law, Helen, “Hi Tim, it’s Helen; Wendy’s been trying to get hold of you.” I said, “I’ve had trouble with my mobile and have just got home from work.” She sounded to be in a panic and said, “It’s Wendy she’s in hospital.” I asked, “What happened? My wife, a sales assistant travels to see different clients.

” Helen replied, “I don’t know all the details, but the nurse said she’s been in an accident. ” Helen said, “I know you probably can’t go, so I’ll go and be with her and see how she is.” We, my wife Wendy and I have been married for three years. We don’t really have a lot of money; we get by from month to month just about.

The nurse has been trying to get hold of you for hours.” I started to panic and asked, “Yeah, I was off site and my phone is giving me trouble. We cannot afford our own place hence we rent a place with a single bedroom. My in-laws are not well off either, but they do have their own home.

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