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“Oh, it was just a one-night stand, so it didn't count,” was one popular refrain.

“We had a lot to drink so I bet he doesn't remember,” was another.

Just a genuine girl, serious and responsible, looking for likeminded man.

When I questioned why the number was so low, he simply said: "I guess I've always gone for quality over quantity," To which I retorted with my favourite Stalin quote: "Quantity has a quality all its own." And I rarely think very much about it.I completed studies at the art department, and now I work as illustrator and graphic designer (and sometimes also as View Profile Michi00720 Warsaw, Mazowieckie Poland Looking 4 some nice girl to hang out with Hi!I'm visiting Ireland the following month and looking for some pretty little Galway Girl to spend some time with.I wondered who exactly they were trying to fool, apart form themselves. When pressed on the issue I'd confirm it's well over 100, but probably under 500.Why not own you number, high or low, whatever it may be? And indeed I said as much to my (now) husband shortly after we started dating. When I turned the table and asked him, to my horror he started counting off on his one hand.Another week, another sex survey purporting to reveal the habits of the British bedroom …

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