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I had to find the fastest way to get to hospital for help.' Threats: Gessica said: 'He [Taraves] followed me everywhere I went, threatened me and never left me alone.He came to my house with a rope and pretended to hang himself from the gate in my front yard.' Attack: On January 10, after a rare night out with friends, she believes, Tavares, pictured, struck.She initially covered her face with a scarf and was told by the host she could keep it on if she preferred.

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Her mother had to be sterilised before entering the room.

I was a bit shocked but then I decided to focus on my eyes – they say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. 'The only thing I would really like is for him to see me and see what he has done,' she added.

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'I was already a bit tense because my mother had called to tell me he had rung and needed to speak to me urgently,' said Gessica, who had blocked Tavares from contacting her.

I expected to confront him but I didn't expect him to do what he did.'I think he was hidden behind other cars - he must have crawled on the floor and crept behind mine.

As soon as I put my head out of the window I saw him come towards me from the back of the car and throwing the acid at me.

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