Shaun sipos dating


Wouldn’t it’s thrilling to see Stephanie as Shaun’s spouse?

Shaun Sipos is the Canadian actor born on 30 October, 1981, in British Columbia.

Though the only child of David Cassidy and former model Sherry Williams (who had an on-off relationship during the 70s and 80s), Katie was raised by Sherry and her husband, doctor Richard Benedon, along with her two older half-sisters Jenna and Jaime ‘I have sisters,’ says Katie, ‘and if someone did to me what Sara did to Laurel, I would certainly not be open to having them back in my life!

But I was raised with my two sisters and we were always very close.

Here’s what you need to know about your new favourite series: You probably know this much at least: is a Superman prequel set on Kal-El’s home planet two generations before his birth.

At this time we’re going to discover out if Shaun Sipos married Stephanie Fantauzzi or she is still his girlfriend.

Sipos, 34, started dating with actress Stephanie in 2012.

Shaun even tweeted in his twitter account saying: Nevertheless, they tried to maintain privateness of their love life.

In June 2012, they had been spotted together at Judi’s Deli, LA. Since then, there isn’t any any information about their public look as a pair.

They’re even lively in sharing feedback on Twitter. If he and Stephanie are still a couple, then which means they are couple for 4 years.

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