Shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock


I have uninstalled all newly installed unnecessary programs yet I cannot get a proper shutdown without Advance System Care by running the scan and then checking for it to fix and shutdown. I'm not sure if you are using a notebook and trying to hibernate or trying to get your desktop PC to sleep? If you are actually are trying to shut down /turn off, there could be a lot of other things going on as well.

In any event, often a quick fix is to reset your Power Setting to one of the default settings, e.g. Following that, you can tweak the setting the way you wish. You could have a process preventing shut down (although Windows will usually tell you so) or something corrupted preventing normal shutdown.

Multiple problems I am trying to weed out the cause of.If you have read this thread carefully, there are MANY issues that stop a computer from shutting down. Sometimes that can be seemingly unrelated to power down, like display drivers.We've seen other cases where the cause was some service running in the background. The issue with "Fastboot" is that the machine may take longer "MUCH LONGER! If you are a "typical user" and you click on "Shutdown" and the shutdown takes OVER 1/2 an hour, most users will NOT "be patient" and not wait the amount of time but will start hard-resetting within 10 minutes.And I had to force shut it by holding down the power button.The laptop would also not go on sleep or restart similarly.I tried your method of intel management and the computer shut down like normal. My PC does not shut down correctly and I am patient.

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