Signs you are dating an alcoholic

As a child, you love this person so intensely and are so dependent on them.Then there’s the inevitable fact that they are emotionally incapable of demonstrating their love in a way that will seep into your bones the way kids need it to.Help is out there, and it's just a phone call or a click away.Growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent is a unique kind of rough.Attempts to discuss drinking behavior are met with aggression and denial.

From the outside, these so-called high-functioning alcoholics seem to have it all together.

I was a drug addict and I had recently lost my virginity with him.

I was vulnerable in a way that I’ve never been again.

They can drive nice cars, live in great neighborhoods, and make a significant income.

However, just because they're high-functioning doesn’t mean that they're immune to the effects of alcohol.

Drinking alcohol regularly over a long period of time can cause the body to become dependent on alcohol.

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