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But it was only the children of divorced families who died on average almost five years earlier than children whose parents did not divorce.

Lead author Esme Fuller-Thomson called the link "very disturbing." 2. Strohschein, a sociologist at the University of Alberta, wanted to know what was behind the increase in children prescriptions for Ritalin over the past two decades.

Starting in 1921, researchers tracked some 1,500 boys and girls throughout their lives.

More than one-third of the participants experienced either parental divorce or the death of a parent before the age of 21.

And so, in 2007, she analyzed data from a survey that was conducted between 19.

In it, 5,000 children who did not use Ritalin, and were living in two-parent households, were interviewed.

The outcome was one in 10 turned to crime, and 8 percent considered suicide. Higher risk of stroke In 2010, researchers from the University of Toronto found a strong link between divorce and adult risk of stroke.

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