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Ik Wayrley lloor born year at IB esnoenoatien with bun in the toil o Monday ho told f scores sf thefts Iriua ti Mitmf criznjuatione and sets of ano TVunl OZ through the la t lire or sii cars which Utreaaro enogb U homj th rtnamt etctc lie hit creased sell boon to Mr Dart and esufeeted th burying efki bami tone to Uest from wh m h claims to b vnu n money I pud t. sod uys that riz menths taboo wilt not more Ibaa rp Mr Dart for what ke stole frera him hu la h I. Pco l BBtowa have bees eontvlenb disturbed recently by the appearance of rap of moo. her family nod a few of her 14 Missouri acquaintances. and when i country called for dsfendere was th rst to respond to that call. Tory naturally was a tympa biter with the Lost Cause. war ended and the roamed her place in the in ly circle which her absenc had irokcn E met this man she now cells htuband as we b v prcv oasly stated to Platte county Missouri. and finally mrri a him and they are now residents of iu city They often talk over thedays when they went a soldiering.

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as the ro u recently were to revere that it onaedinthe strtttsand c doubt n ously tutored tb apricot plum. Early Tola looks rpleadld and steeds item four o six inches tick Jte Jo i e Star Tberp prospect of the Sscrtnento vol. at present and Tee- elation about Motert7 is very luxuriant. as tioxa L Reports from different portions of Saute clara paucity wsmnt th prediction that this will b a season of unexampled pros- enty lbs abundant rains whole retord- r-r work in some localities hay. Panel W bars tolled with farmers front direr- nt parts of Tulare county who say that a more favorable prorpect for harvest they lave never ices The burly is already eaaiar oat Vueilta Timi THE HOUSEHOLD. of a cup of yeast Sear enough to make up in a loaf do not forgot a little salt set to ruts. tnd bake IB a quirk oven Since you PTEDIIIO One-half rep of better one-half cup of inter bent those together with out hoapiur tablespoonful of floor Poor let U a little at a t me ur ring ill the while one p nt of b att water and let it simmer on the stove a tew nuuntes. Turin Wsirr For keening the teeth white there is notbint better than coal gibes. Filthly cam ax estimate of the expense a lordly do a neat. Thtn loo lines 01 lead pope in bare and unconcealed bidoonaneus wore run along the coroic s and down the walls and acn/ the ceiang for U e Panama law doss rot suffer a can pita to be imbedded in the wall ot a bulking fur fear of internal leaks and conscquer explosions end eontagrationo. Th buen of th simplest pattern a model too in constant use wee. h e removed from t S-J fliaelet to gi A Staketomaei Hotel ml Ls r 9 to 11 a ' 4 lm n J r ol Ii TMs Ia D.

the Snly relief Uattu berirtn if by tnpttabottaji the keelt But b lowend aa tit. cneraos Juerord Lxf Tb outlook or ini fruits at Dixon end vicinity is by no means promising. are la rood spirits nod look- nr for an unusually re crop. Ib barley is already hetding Out Crop tbroarb tie Salinas valley never leaked as promising a. bead workman icod looked oil over th rooms a second tune. They robed boles in var ou parts f ta walls and eornma sooetimei makings hole where oje ought not to be and scttini themselves right by pan bine another wuh reflect eooltevo. when th hotel barn wee baited la a mysterious manner. ne ay awl Tburota vealn t bee- of pwcn see sad rscogslos tlieirspint 430 Xeotroucory t-r t. 4lht r take elevator m lm llwcwe tlau dealer S' wrhet td welry.

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tb formal permution of the landlon h pay not oa penny el th expense' had to it. Instantly them get ppe off and be I left in darkness to meditate o tb folly of procrastination.

kiaittm of thte iaiey fnit or to wrepplac n paper Or packiac ia boxea. to ipso liter an BO adapted to the climate of t ppor California. tatt Lb OLfldf' to Ttdit U Uerra Uoii Siud PCB tk experience of thitr yearr m Utar U Oat e Oitrl. should sot it rot off nor Uaa ail MXfrtfr OLI the ironed. runered uamodutel T wkeatber appear for the tbnvs with woadarlu near open the tree end roots at the szpi. All surtoui limbs rtetld be at off sod shortered la th fpnac. practiee watt oar aar r TBea of tbiaaiaaoat the Inut whea OTerioaded u on wisely neglecte& Tin TISLO or rtrii fk ornot tre U token cur. Ma and veratlisted from all udti it will dry ap IB time bat not decay ugct or taut con in in n Qezo Ttofi. tad d- rf r4 also u ho tttt from tb piaions fib most neeeatfal Inut-7owers with whom h bis. tiro thou adrwe dectdedlr s Lsjt ver Uuplaoting the oraare tree 54 I bare UZOOt ISI4 uveral tret which ( warrast the wrtioo The ezpen neat II recommended of planting the seeds foar or IT U a kil L with tb hilla 25 fe t sport wit war sod rootsflg out afterwardi iii hot oao punt. Itwoald bo eaamoaplac to ad VMadlort sliowuig dead or drux Umb Mnaiai BOB the Ire. f tire to tf Toatac It boriaj to bear at tx yean end on attolocug its rrewth will give from l OO to V500 oraare u a aeama. if the thou has been kept properly dipped eaa b reached and cot off by a deitenaa bead witheot TB aeeiia Uach heron U done silowuag It to be braised. Tb effect of raia upon lb treei ad fruit ari Bf tb moatka when robs U to P. THE SUNDAY CHBONIOLB MABOH' 26 i876 TEOPId L FUUff& j Information for California Hcrtic Tiltniists. Cinltf Item Zivvt OUeii Cnnl f L41r Ctttfiml- Zuei THrtjr Ttn C Zxr ilact. TUi circular wtt iisaed U ttt la t&&c..f Swatter St TZttt. o Ld1o I aal fltet f niton wukia th iiatne U suider their ebaarra tioa. that malady COCCL Ika Taralatb Iie U rdtf U a Bf J boei troab Ud with so utbuaetl.

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