Skovde sweden dating


These small red houses are right in the middle of town behind the town square and there is a pleasant enough park to sit in with a coffee and snacks bought from the small cafe that's in one of the houses.

Dress codes and such are less important and can give the visitor an impression of a more laid back culture. AB Volvo and Volvo Cars each operate a engine manufacturing plant, making Skövde into one of the world's larges producers of engines for cars, trucks and buses, with more than 5,000 workers.The plant is known world-wide for producing the most industrial diesel engines in the world for AB Volvo and also for producing compact inline 5 cylinder petrol engines for Volvo Cars.Public transport is covered by Västtrafik which is efficient at moving people from A to B but is a little pricey. By bike and foot is the best way to experience Skövde.Purchase your bus and train tickets at the train station which is in the middle of town. The town isn't large and bike paths are almost as common as foot paths.Due to a city wide garden scheme, parts of Skövde come alive with colour in the Spring and Summer months.

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