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Indeed, efforts to move the country one way or another seem reminiscent of the Great War and its trenches.

Take the battle of the Somme, fought over a period of five months in 1916: After more than a million deaths, the lines only moved about six miles.

Eschewing jacket and tie, Chomsky began his talk, titled "What we say goes.Called Aftermath: Protesting Cartography Hiroshima, it's an exhibition of her recent work imagining and charting the bombing runs of American forces around the world, throughout the last century.(Brian Howe reviewed her book, Bomb After Bomb: A Violent Cartography, in these pages three years ago.) Twentieth-century modernity itself was ushered in to the deafening fanfare of bombardment.We streamed out to the atrium of the Fed Ex Center, where free food and beverages awaited us.The hors d'oeuvres were exceptional: sun-dried tomato chutney on wonton crisps, for example, and smoked salmon with wasabi cream on coconut jasmine rice cake.Listening to Chomsky can be a bracing experience: What was Saddam's crime, really?

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